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తేదీ: 15-03-2016

Summer Care with Essential Oils

The summer heat can make us feel burnt out and exhausted. This puts our body out of harmony, making us impulsive, impatient and over aggressive. Essential oils – highly complex mixtures of volatile and liquid aroma compounds – can help you through this season.
• To bring back balance and natural sense of harmony: Use essential oils of rose, grapefruit, vetivert, jasmine, and neroli.
• For hydrating the skin: Summer can either make you suffer from dehydration or make your skin excessively oily with increased sebum secretion. To cool, soothe and nourish your skin, peppermint, palm, rose, tea tree can be used. Myrrh and frankincense can also be used for hydrating your skin and nourishing it. It is recommended though to try out a patch test if you have sensitive skin, with 30 ml of jojoba or olive oil. Lightening Facial You can get a clinical aromatherapy treatment designed exclusively to replenish flawless beautiful skin, called a lightening facial. This treatment helps to remove dead cells and tan caused by exposure to sunlight.
• The process involves use of essential oils, toner, scrubs and cleansing agents to cleanse, soothe and revitalize your skin.
• Lemons, carrots, aloe vera and many other nourishing agents are used to remove skin tan.
• Papayas and other blends of tropical fruits are used to nourish, exfoliate and hydrate skin.
• Yoghurt is used for toning, restoring pH balance and adding freshness to skin by stimulating cell activity.
• During the latter part of the treatment, a scrub of Dead Sea salt mud pack is used to cool and exfoliate the skin.
• A gentle Balinese massage tones and moisturises the facial musculature.
• In regions where there is excessive exposure to sun, a gentle massage over the affected areas brings effective relief to skin, by suppressing the redness, warmth and tenderness from sun burns.